Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Week!

We're keeping busy getting things organized for this weekend. We'll be at Spectrum School at 2909 North Main Street in Rockford on Friday from 4-8 and on Saturday from 11-3. Please stop by for a cup of lemonade and while you're at it do some shopping at Spectrum's bazaar.....100+ family garage sale.

This week is a VERY exciting week for us...the amount of money we have raised reached the $1000 mark! Reaching this milestone was pretty easy as we were the recipients of a $500 donation! My dad was very excited to call me on Tuesday to tell me that someone had just dropped a $500 check for him to give Jack. I want to publicly thank Tom for this donation, we are all VERY touched at your generosity. With the money you have given us, we can brighten the lives of 20 very-deserving children...not to mention teach our own children a very important lesson on generosity and selflessness. So, thank you very much...and to quote Jack, "that's a whole lotta bears I get to make. I better get to work."

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