Thursday, September 3, 2009

News Broadcasts

Here's a link to the news broadcasts:

Who would have thought? This charity started out as an idea Jack had when I was trying to keep him distracted on a long and uncomfortable car ride. We as parents tell our kids they can do anything....but do we really believe that? I think I do now!!!

Because of these broadcasts, our inbox has been full! We've gotten some donations (you can now donate directly through paypal on our website.... ) Some emails have been to say what you're doing is great. But, the majority of emails have been other moms writing to tell their story of their child and their experience at Rockford Memorial. I've read many heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of kids fighting their fights and it's nice to make those connections with moms that have "been there too." So, we are very thankful to the news stations and the newspapers for sharing our story with the community!

We are making plans for more fundraisers, waiting to hear back on a great opportunity. Jack's classroom wants to partner with us, and we are very excited about that. So, we'll keep you updated. Until then...thank you to all who donated and we'll keep building the bears!

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