Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Update.

Oh my, it's been a while since I have updated! We have been so busy, I haven't had a chance to sit down and let everyone know what we have been up to!

In early December, we called the child life specialist at Rush University Children's Hospital to see if they would be interested in accepting another donation from us. The CLS I talked to was giddy, and said "yes, we want them!" as soon as I stated my reason for calling. So, we packed up 25 of these adorable Build a Bear Stuffed animals for Rush! We figured, while we were in Chicago, we may as well bring a delivery to the amazing kids at Children's we packed up 25 more for them!

There is cute, and there is cuuuuuuute. Can I just say, these are cuuuuuuute. Everyone who saw them, wanted them!

Holly and Hal Moose. Hal's antlers light up. Holly is just adorable sporting that little red bow!

Snowflake bear. If you could touch him through the screen, you would want him. Snuggliest bear we've made yet!

Rudolph and Clarice. They both talk and have a nose/heart that lights up. We also had the abominable snowman, but forgot to take a photo of him. How could that happen?!?!?

Here is my car, all packed up with 50 stuffed animals.

Jack was asked to be the honorary co-chair of the RMH toy drive. By that, I mean, he got to sign his name a few hundred times and be charming and cute on demand. He did a great job! We donated video game controllers, PS3 video games, dolls, arts and crafts books, and of course....Build A Bear stuffed animals (40 of them!)

Jack and I were asked to give a speech, and give a face to the "hospitalized child" that would benefit from the toy drive. It is always an honor to represent all the amazing children and families that RMH serves every year.
**on a personal note, this was the Santa that told my boys that the reindeer prefer bacon over carrots, and the reason my entire house smelled of bacon on Christmas Eve :)

We took a few weeks off, but are now looking forward to 2011!! Jack has big visions for what he wants his charity to do, so stay tuned!!!!