Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was the the big Valentine's Day donation to RMH pediatric unit.

We had a large crowd of parents and RMH employees there for the assembly of all the bears into the boxes.

Little (and big) hands hard at work!

Here's the proud kids in front of their donation. Look at that! Three Playstation 3's, video games, and 50 Build A Bears.

We alllllll gathered in the pediatric unit for interviews with the local news and press conference. Representatives from RMH introduced Sarah, Hunter, Connor, and Jack and thanked them on behalf of the recipients of the bears and the peds department. The three older kids got the opportunity to talk about the project and where their inspiration came from.

Three patients came into the room, and the kids were able to give them each their own bear. This was the highlight of the donation! Seeing the excited looks on the kids' faces was the best feeling. As an adult, watching the faces of the Connor, Hunter, Sarah, and Jack was a "moment". You could tell they were overcome by their emotions of seeing what these kids are going through. I won't post pictures from that part, out of privacy for the patients....but I think this look on Hunter's face tells what everyone was feeling.

They got to deliver the rest of the bears to all the patients (it was a full unit).

One last photo with representatives from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.

We'd like to thank Spectrum School students Connor, Hunter, and guys are great kids, hard workers, and we look forward to partnering with you soon. Thanks to their teacher, Shannon, for providing them with support, enthusiasm, and encouragement. A HUGE thank you to the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois and their In Youth We Trust program. More importantly, thank you to RMH pediatric unit for accepting our donation so graciously! We may have been the ones bringing the gifts, but we definitely came home feeling like we had been given the greatest gift of all!

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